March 06, 2023 1 min read

With the bitterly cold north-easterly winds blowing, I was feeling pessimistic about my chances during my recent two-night trip to my syndicate. The fact that I had come down with a bout of man flu the night before didn't help matters, and packing up was a real challenge.

But as luck would have it, during the last hour of my trip, I felt a strong tug on my line. After a fierce fight, I finally landed a stunning 36lb 8oz carp, which I affectionately named "Pecs." I was over the moon with my catch!

Craig with a 36lb 8oz Carp

To attract the carp, I used a combination of Crushed Nut Bait, hemp, popcorn maize, and a generous amount of Nut Glug, with a splash of Hemp OilLittle Gemz and Elips Pellets were also part of my bait setup. For my hookbait, I opted for a washed-out 12mm yellow Nut Pop-Up.

Despite the cold weather and my man flu, I managed to hook a beauty. It just goes to show that persistence, the right bait, and a bit of luck can go a long way in the world of fishing!