November 07, 2018 2 min read

Carpvale Fisheries today for the first round of the winter league on all 3 lakes.  Going to miss a lot of the rounds this year due to clashes with other leagues, so realistically need to win my section every time I go to frame at the end . All the lakes fished mega hard mid week, match lake is the most consistent lake to draw when the sport is hard. Drawn peg 29 match lake so mega happy with that. As normal wasn't ready at the all in, by the time I had started peg 27 and 31 had already had 4 carp each. Started at 7m tapping in 6mm Hinders Pellets and had 4 carp before bites faded.  On this lake I like to find 3 areas to the far bank the same depth and just pick fish off then move between lines, peg plumbs like a egg box though been a bit of a pain having to constantly change rigs to try different areas. 

Most of the match I've swapped between 2 lines at the ends of a rush bed on the far bank, tapping in 2 or 3 6mm pellets at a time . Using a 4x12 roob with the shot strung out has been essential to get bites today, with most coming on the drop or just as the rig settled. Also starting to scale down lines to 0.12 power micron hook lengths with the water clearing up. Had a nice match catching carp and the odd f1 up to 3lb. Had a couple of looks down the edge but had to wait ages for bites. Peg 27 has caught good sized carp steady all match, was pointless wasting time trying short or down the margins late on as I was always playing catch up! As I thought peg 27 has won the section and the match with 139lb, I was 2nd in section and match with 108lb, a couple of 80lb weights off front lake took 3rd and 4th. Not the start I needed league wise, can't grumble though as had a nice day. Best hook bait as always has been the 6mm Tutti boosted pellets.