C Food Stabilised Boilies

We started looking at a bait centered around fish products over a year ago, and whilst it would have been too easy to produce another fish bait from the countless recipes, we have used over the years we wanted to make this something special. In angling “Lady Luck” can play a big part, and the same can be said for bait making, when sometimes you trip over a completely unique product, which then becomes the core of the matrix.

C-FOOD is the complete carp food from the sea, which has been arrived at by courtesy of the carefully calculated components necessary to attract and feed carp. The two-phase liquid attractor is the catching element, it’s the component that makes C-FOOD, carp food.

Two phases effectively mean that part of phase one will leak into the water column very quickly, a water-soluble product that contacts with anything swimming in close proximity.

Phase two is the complex palatability component, which gives the carp a combined chemoreceptive attraction factor, this is meant to last longer in both the bait and the surrounding water column over a session.

The base mix combines everything a carp could want, its effective in all water temperatures and has proved itself both in this country and on the continent. Spices, taste enhancers and natural feeding stimulants contained within C-FOOD ensure this bait will be accepted readily and quickly. Be confident in C-FOOD as we are sure it will catch and compete against any other carp bait out there.
A caring, complete, carp food oozing confidence!

  • C Food Boilies are available in either 12mm,15mm or 18mm.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Craig Runham (Team Hinders) (Thatcham)
An incredible boilie that carp love.

I've been using the Cfood for a very long time now. I feel super confident every time I use the cfood. My last few seasons fishing has been incredible. Big thumbs up to the Hinders gang for producing such a brilliant bait.

C.R.(.H. (Edinburgh)
C food 😋

I've been using the cfood baits for 2/3 years.. all I can say is wow. Caught a incredible amount of carp with this bait. Hinders well done.

Ian (Bristol)
C food boilies

What a great soft bait smells incredible I am going to change to these from my current bait no doubt 👍

Paul Brown (Peterborough)
New PB and and epic summer

What an absolutely awesome bait!
I’ve had a new Pb of 46lb from my tricky syndicate, plus a few other upper 30’s to back that up, and other friends of mine have also had new pbs on this bait!
It seems to work very instantly and so far the big girls have taken a real liking to it.
It’s worked for me on tough heavily pressured circuit waters such as the bluebell complex, as well as my syndicate lake which also has a reputation for being very tricky.
If you haven’t tried this then give it a go, just focus on your watercraft and the right rig for the situation and let this bait do the rest!

Nigel Griffin (Peterborough)
C food boilies

Not used yet but if all comments are anything to go by should be fantastic