August 12, 2022 2 min read

I’ve had a few people ask me recently about my use of a throwing stick with the C Food Boilies. Now the c-food, by design, is a soft bait. Whilst it’s perfect for spombing and catapulting it’s make up doesn’t lend itself easily for use with a throwing stick at range.
We have a great team here at Hinders who employ many different styles in their fishing, but I have to admit, although I use many different approaches, I’m a boilie angler at heart. Now the fish are once again active, moving around and feeding, I like nothing more than to give them a good spread of boilies. It’s a method that has worked well for me over the years and one I feel has definitely helped me get amongst the bigger fish time and again.
To combat the softness of the bait my first part of my bait prep is to air dry a quantity of 15mm’s. I do this until they are rock hard. I keep an air dry bag of these ready at all times. Once you have done this they become a lighter bait, which doesn’t help getting them out at distance. So when I am about to go on a session a day or two beforehand I will put these in a bucket and give them a liberal coating of C-Food Concentrate. I allow the liquid to soak in for as long as possible and then add to the bucket either some lake water (I often bring a bottle home with me and keep it in the fridge) or failing that some bottled water.
Once your air dried boilies have taken on these liquids they will then once again have the weight required to get them out at distance, be mega attractive and still retain the hardness required for the use of a throwing stick.
Try it yourselves and let us know how you get on.
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