Supercharged Punch Crumb 700g


Supercharged Punch Crumb is a premium-quality mixture designed to enhance your fishing experience. It has been carefully formulated with insights from experienced punch crumb anglers to provide an effective and reliable solution for attracting fish. Its aniseed flavouring adds an irresistible scent that fish can't resist.

To prepare the Supercharged Punch Crumb, simply empty the contents into a bucket and add water. Mix the ingredients until you have a damp consistency, and then let the mixture sit for about five minutes. After that, loosen the mixture and push it through a riddle to remove any lumps and create a smooth consistency. Repeat this process several times to achieve a heavier mix that will stay on the fishing spot for longer.

If you're fishing for small fish, especially on canals, it's recommended to use a fine riddle to create a finer mix. This will make it easier for the small fish to feed and help you catch more of them.

Overall, the Supercharged Punch Crumb is an excellent choice for anglers looking to improve their fishing game. Its high-quality ingredients, easy mixing process, and attractive scent make it a must-have for any fishing trip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Richard smith (Derby)

I've used this before and in my opinion its the best punch crumb on the market.

John Shaw (Manchester)
Supercharged punch crumb

This is my go to bait for fishing the bread punch on the canals and also mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with liquidised bread for the feeder,

Christopher Dean (Airdrie)

Lovely stuff caught both times I’ve used it so confidence in this quality crumb is growing especially when others around are struggling

Marc (Hampton)
Supercharged Punch Crumb

Great service as always. Not used the Punched Crumb yet but smells very good with the aniseed

Frank Butler (West Wycombe)
Good stuff

Brilliant punch crumb . However, for what it is , it is very expensive. I pad it out with liquidised bread depending on how stiff I need it for various depths and flows. I would use more of it if it wasn’t so expensive.