December 15, 2014 2 min read

Having never seen the lake before, let alone wet a line, I was slightly apprehensive when my good friend Mark suggested we travel to Clattercote Reservoir in Banbury, Oxfordshire. I did some research and found that it is basically a similar concept to it's 'sister' water Drayton Reservoir. Carp anglers will undoubtedly have heard of Drayton and I myself have fished it a few times.  The reservoirs such as these are stacked full of carp and are great for a winter bite. I took along some Hinders Hemp, Hinders Supreme Cream Multi-Mix, some matching glug, a new version of the Fluoro Slimes, some Mini Combo and crushed Tails Up OCM. I also added a few tins of corn to the bucket and mixed it into a sloppy mix. This was planned to be spombed over zigs which I sat tying the night before.

We arrived early and set up along the dam wall. We both launched solids out quickly whilst getting a bivvy set up to shelter us from the driving rain and wind and sat with a tea to warm up. The rain slowed a little and one of my bags ripped off shortly after with a small common. The first hour passed and once the rain had eased it was time to get zigging and spombing. Two zigs at 10 and 12 foot respectively were clipped to 60 yards and I lined up the first spomb. As the second spomb hit the water, the left hand rod pulled tight and whilst I reeled the spomb in, Mark took control. As I placed the spod rod down, the second rod lifted and we were both stood on the dam wall playing a carp. Both being around 8lb, we quickly returned them, put the zigs back out and I grabbed the spod rod. I hadn't even lifted it when the left hand rod ripped off and we were in...again! This process repeated itself, until the rain returned and we sheltered under the bivvy again. The moment it stopped  we started spombing again, back came the takes. The place was unreal and although the average size was relatively small at 8-10lb, we had a number of doubles and more importantly, bundles of fun! I was using my preferred Tails Up solar flares as hook baits, but for ease of recasting changed to foam after a few baits came off during the fight. I was just recasting as quickly as I could and had takes on the drop on numerous occasions.

With 36 fish and maybe half a dozen losses in 8 hours, we were knackered , but travelled home with smiles on our faces. This place is well worth a visit if your local and fancy some winter fun. It's not as busy as Drayton either. Yes, the fish are smaller, but there are a few twenties around and plenty of space for you and your friends to enjoy a nice winter day. I'm going back soon that's for sure.