December 11, 2017 2 min read

With a minus three start all I was hoping for was just one or two bites, I wasn’t expecting 20 carp to low doubles! With frost on the ground and sheet ice covering a quarter of the lakes surface I just about managed to find a few spots to position my bomb and White Plum Boosted Pellet, not more than ten minutes went by and my line pulled tight breaking the ice that was already forming in my rod eyes, making for a hairy battle.... quick off the mark and one happy Angler.

This Robin loves our Boosted Pellets

The action continued for a few hours catching almost every fifteen minutes or so and as the day went on the surface ice melted which allowed me to edge closer the the island ledge and that saw me bag a few more carp. Around eleven o’clock I decided to make up some short zigs, starting with 15 inches and the aim to change if needed, I armed this rig with two white pieces of Mini Pop-up corn that had been soaking in the Betalin for probably around two years, if not more! Around ten minutes and the rod was away, after a hard fight on a nine foot feeder rod I eventually slipped the net under this lovely winter common. The day ended as it started freezing cold and dark, but I was leaving with 20 carp under my belt proving short zigs and White Plum Boosted Pellets did the trick.

Gear, Bait & Tips - Simple But Effective!

  • Every 15 mins I catapulted 3/4 8.5mm carp pellets over the top. 
  • White Plum Boosted Pellets in 6mm (Hookbaits) 
  • Drennan Carp Bait Bandits (14)
  • 2 pieces of Mini Pop-Up Corn soaked in Betalin 
  • Recasting every 20 mins, most bites came within ten
  • Depth of water, needed to be more than 4ft