January 04, 2018 2 min read

After Christmas had been spent with the family, I had a session planned for the 27th, along with my dad and close friend Adam Johns. The Christmas period had passed full of enjoyment. You know; screaming children, screaming in laws, food and wrapping paper in every direction, so a day out was well overdue. With the final session of 2017 reported to be a cold one, I couldn't believe waking up to snow fall after having 10 plus degrees only 36 hours prior. Fish had been coming out, which didn't help me sat at home but after a phone call to Adam he was keen to persist and had little snow where he was. I agreed to give it an hour or so and travel down if the roads looked ok and with rain fall rather than the predicted snow, we set off on sludgy roads around 8am. Arriving at just after 10am, Adam was already set up and fishing. Within 20 minutes I was set up a few swims along and our planned trip was suddenly underway. Now to catch a few fish in the snow.
Drayton can be prolific at times, but with the freezing conditions and small ice bergs passing under the tips, I was astounded when a fish obliged only minutes into our session. I had cast around my swim, actively trying to feel fish on the drop. Although I didn't put out a marker, I gauged the depth using a 3oz distance lead and felt for any knocks on the rod tip before hitting the bottom. The depth felt around 15-18 feet depending on where I cast and at 96 yards or 24 wraps I got what I was looking for. Straight out in front at that distance the line had plinked off at least three fish on its descent. I had previously tied zigs at varying depths and attached a 6 foot and 3 foot onto their respective rods. Once clipped, I simply used a QC lead clip and naked tail rubber, along with an XL anti tangle sleeve to ensure everything stayed tangle free. The naked tail rubbers come into their own a bit when using straight monofilament and ensure no tangles form around the end of the tail rubber as can sometimes happen. 
As one fish came to the net very quickly I was confident of more and by changing both zigs to 6 feet and yellow hook baits (foam or solar flare pop ups dipped in Betalin), more did indeed come. I used a sloppy mix of blitzed corn, Nutz Sludgeand A-mix to entice the fish into the area and both me, Dad and Adam had a fantastic 6 hours fishing, all in some of the coldest conditions we've fished. Over 40 takes and carp averaging mid to upper doubles meant we had a smile on our faces even in the snow storms that hit us. It was great fun. 
So ends my 2017 season and a great way to finish it. Once again the lakes are freezing up as we experience minus temperatures, but hopefully things will improve in the new year.
Enjoy and a prosperous 2018 to you all.