Hinders Nutz Sludge


Original Nutz Sludge is a classic combo of nuts and seeds ground together with a creamy enhancer.  It's a perfect bed of feed to fish over

Simple to make - add a generous amount of boiling water, stir well then top up with boiling water.  Leave for a few hours to cool and ....get spodding!!

  • Use ‘neat’ OR customise it
  • Add pellet, prepared particle or chopped boilie for a chunkier mix. 
  • Keep it ‘stodgy’ so it gets to the bottom quickly 
  • Top Tip - deliver your bait with pinpoint accuracy with a Midi Spomb Spod


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Jason Booth (Congleton)

    Thanks guys, great products and service, top class, thanks for the freebie, will be back for sure.

    C. (Cardiff)
    Cloud of attraction

    Made this into a sludge for spoding with hinders 50/50 and made a milky cloud perfect for zigs

    Dean Goodwill (Bristol)
    Nutz sludge

    I’ve used this product since the day Hinders released it. One of my favourite products that’s for sure. With a multitude of uses from keeping it stodgy for a mega creamy and nutty carpet feed. To then adding extra water to make a sloppier mix perfect for spodding over zigs. A product I will always have in my angling!!!

    Mark Wells (Gloucester)

    A creamy mix of ground nuts and seeds ground together with a creamy enhancer. It's a perfect bed of feed to fish over as it is but can also be bulked out with pellets or chopped boilies if the fish want a bit more feed.

    All you need to mix it is a kettle to boil your water and activate the ingredients - can be done prior to or during the session - mix it sloppy for zigs or keep it stodgy so it gets to the bottom quicker.

    Tim Chubby (Worcester Park)
    Mixed bait supplys

    Arrived on time it’s clas as always