September 11, 2013 2 min read

A recent trip to Etang Feuillette in France. We arrived on the Sunday and having a week booked on swim 1 were looking forward to the week ahead. We brought with us 60kg of boilies, 50kg of Hemp, 40kg of Partiblend, 30kg of Hinders Mixed pellets 10kg of Large Tigernuts, 10kg of Flaming Squidz Multimix and various pop ups including my favourite Pop Ups in yellow. The swim is the second smallest on the lake at around 8 acres of water gave us plenty of space to position our rods. A few hours of investigative work with the fish finder on the bait boat we decided on the various plateaus and marginal areas to start with the baiting. This lake responds well to particle baits and with hook baits pre-soaked in Betalin and a dash of the sweetener in every bucket of particle I think would provide the edge needed to catch some of the elusive Carp that swim over there.

The previous anglers had told us that most of the runs were coming in the night so with everything sorted we settled in the bivvys listening to the carp crashing about in the night. It wasn't long for the first run which came at around 10:30pm a beautiful 47lb Common for my friend Justin. The first night saw 8 runs with 3 carp the 47lb and a 50lb 2oz common for myself. There were 5 sturgeon caught from a plateau 120 yards in front of my swim to 44lb. We had an amazing week with 26 carp including Commons of 50lb, 47lb, 44lb and some nice Mirror Carp weighing 43lb, 40lb 8oz, 40lb, 39lb 8oz, 38lb 8oz, 38lb 6oz, 36lb 8oz, three 35lb, 33lb , two 32lb, 30lb 6oz and also 8 smaller ones from mid doubles to high twenties. The Sturgeon were topped of with a nice 48lb beauty caught on Betalin soaked sweetcorn in the left hand margin which gave a great battle jumping out of the water several times in its attempt to shed the hook. Thanks again to Hinders providing the quality baits that made our session a memorable one for sure. Cheers guys :) Paul