August 28, 2013 1 min read

Angler: Daniel Cole 

Date: 21/08/13 - 23/08/13

Venue: Linear Fisheries, Hunts Corner

Swim: Furthest swim in the bottom bayApproach: Heavily baited areas at night and zigs in the day 

Bait:Mainline Hybrid, Hinders Little Gemz Pellets, Carp Crunch and Chopped Tiger Nuts, Nutz Sludge, and fake corn soaked in Betalin

Tackle: Lead core leaders down to a lead clip and then 15 pound N-Trap soft coated hook link, down to a size 5 SSP hook. 

Catch: I had 8 fish:15 lb 6 oz common20 lb15 oz mirror, both on zigs16 lb 8 oz mirror24 lb 4 oz mirror14 lb mirror15 lb mirror24 lb 6 oz mirror21 lb 12 oz common, all off baited areas. 

Over the 48 hours Dave and I had 14 fish between us. Most of the fish came in overnight, so not much sleep but great experience and good laugh had by all. This was made even better by the fact the lake was not fishing to it’s best, and the other  anglers on the lake were not getting many bites. Bryan is a great tutor, I have learnt a lot, especially about casting and rigs and how to cook a BBQ in the dark! It was a good finish to the session for Dave and I to get a brace of 24s lb. Just an all round great experience, recommend it to all.