November 18, 2020 2 min read

Well it's been a while since I've set up on a commercial but with a free window not even the horrendous weather was going to put me off! Waterproofs packed, kit and bait sorted I set off to Flaxlands Fishery.
I started on the Bomb and pellet "peg 26" short focusing on the deep channels to see if I could pick a few up. After seeing multiple shows on the far margin it was very clear the carp were holding up away from the pressure. First cast landed on the money and within six minutes the tip flicked back followed by a firm pull round. Carp located.... the action continued but after seven bites it soon slowed!
By that time peg one became available and after checking I could move round, I relocated. This gave me some good margins to cover and I was soon back on them and went to land several nice doubles. By the end if the day I managed 23 takes landing 20, little rusty lol.
Something that worked for me was.... Small funnel web bags with 6 C-Food 8.5mm pellets in them, I pulled the rig up into the centre of it after dipping my Hookbaits in the C-Food Betalin. I don't normally use funnel web but after seeing the latest underwater by Matrix featuring Jamie Hughes I thought if this commercial ace had a mass spread of pellets by catapulting "not many on the spot" my grouping must be a joke...Especially with deep water, strong wind etc! The small bags worked!
I was soaked and shrivelled by the end of the day but worth it!!