June 24, 2017 1 min read

After a while of not finding myself massively motivated to find the time to get out fishing, I seem to have really got the bug back this year. Having done mainly quick overnighters with mixed results so far I decided I was going again for the weekend which just passed. After the first night I found myself having landed and lost one but feeling frustrated due to the activity I had seen. I decided to make a few tweaks to the rigs and bait slightly heavier for the second night which soon proved to be a good choice.

Going into the night I had still only landed and lost one after a scorcher of a day but by 10am the next morning I had landed a further 3 carp including a stunning 27.4 mirror, 2 tench and lost another carp. All fish came over a baited area of Hinders Hemp, Chopped Tiger Nuts and the Nut 365 boilies with hook baits consisting of either a Nut 365 Boilies and CC Moore Creamed Tiger Nuts. With this being my first experience using the Nut 365 I’m couldn’t be happier with the bait and it has certainly earned its spot with me.