June 23, 2017 2 min read

Today's trip was to a carp lake in Gloucester countryside, on a little farm. There are 3 lakes here 2 match lakes and 1 specimen which was the one I was targeting today. The lake consists of 2 islands, marginal bushes and plenty of open water. My aim for the day was to fish 2 different methods of fishing, one would consist of PVA Bag Fishing and the other would be on the Method Feeder. My thinking behind this was that everyone that dishes here use pva bags so what would happen if i tried something different? Time to find out.

I started off by fishing towards the large island over hangs on a PVA Bag loaded with a mixture of pellets and fake corn on the rig. As I waited for my 1st bite I started to feed some pellets down my left hand margin where I was targeting a small bush that came off the banks edge, inviting to any carp wanting to come in close and have a feed undetected, little did the carp know I would be watching.

After 10 minutes of my 1st rod being cast out the alarm and rod screamed off! Fish on, after a nice 10 minute fight the carp succumbed and over the net she went, brilliant 1st fish off the mark at 22lb. After a few more fish on the PVA Bags I started to notice a few boils and swirls down my left hand margin, the steady feeding of pellets had worked , time for the method feeder, but would it work?

I walked down along the bank with my rod and tactic in hand and slowly lowered my method feeder just on the edge of the bush, walked back, set the bobbin and sat down, as quick as I sat down the rod screamed off!! Brilliant, just what i wanted and after another good fight the fish was in the net. Great! All 19lb of her. This action continued for the rest of my session and I ended up with 36 fish. My new method just shows and proves you don't always have to be the same as everyone else and change could really benefit your fishing. So why not try it for yourself.