June 21, 2017 2 min read

Venue: Moulden Hill Fishing Lake, Swindon 

Tatics: Method Feeder
Kev with a lovely Moulden Hill Fish
Bait: Boosted pellets :- King Crab/Almond & Hinders G Force Groundbait
Today's trip was one for memory lane to a lovely little lake called Moulden Hill set inside Moulden Hill Country Park. The lake itself contains 3 islands and plenty of open water, so there are lots of features to cast to as well as the small weed beds, humps and bumps that run along its bottom. My aim for the day was to target its resident Tench and Bream which run to some impressive sizes, fingers crossed i could get among them. I chose a swim in between 2 islands which gave me some good options, i could fish the open water in between the islands where I thought the Bream would be and target around the island edges for the Tench as there is plenty of cover and over hanging trees. The whole swim was just saying "fish and bites".
Another Moulden Hill Stunning Fish
The session:
After 45 minutes of pin point casting the tip finally pulled round and i was in to my 1st fish, a very large plump Bream of around 5lb. As I loaded the feeder for a recast and looked into the open water at around 40 yards, I could see a mass of bubbles, the sign I had been waiting for. The fish had arrived and from that moment on it was a Bream a chuck and after 4 hours of solid catching the swim fizzled out. Time to try around the island. So I  loaded the feeder once again and landed it 2 foot off the edge, as the line dropped back and i slightly tightened the tip automatically slammed round WOW!! After a short battle the fish was finally in my net. A cracking Tench of around 6lb. I finished the day with 22 Bream and 11 Tench. What a day.