March 23, 2017 2 min read

After a couple of successful overnighters on Orchid in recent weeks, I decided on a change of scenery this week and headed down to Hardwick on the Linear complex for the night.

I was at the lake bright and early, just in time to see a few fish give them self away. It was Sunday morning and one angler was up early and packing away for 9am. I decided to drop in after him as I had seen a couple show in the area.  I found a spot at about 75 yards range in the middle of the road bank. A shallow area of around 7 foot which had a light coating of silk weed. 

Ronny Rig

I decided to try the Ronnie rig with the new ESP Curve Shanx hook in a size 6. The rig has been doing the rounds for a fair while and I have to admit I am a big fan of the way it works. The size 6 hook and QC ring swivel is the perfect weight to slowly sink a CCMoore Northern special pop up.  With there being a light coating of weed on the spot, I fished a longer hooklength than I would if I were fishing a clear spot. I started off by putting out 8 Spomb's of 10mm live system that had been soaked overnight in roasted nut extract. I added corn and roasted peanut chops to the mix to give the bait a really nutty attraction. 

CC Moore Bait

Throughout the session I hooked 12 and landed 11 fish including a number of good twenties and topped my catch with a stunning 34lb 12oz common. The Ronnie Rig with a northern special fished over the top of a nutty mix has done the business for me this week and is definitely a combination I will be using more this season.

Kev with Hardwich Common Carp at 34lb 12oz