March 22, 2017 1 min read

After a long cold winter, finally the fish are beginning to wake up. In recent weeks I have had a lot of success at Orchid lakes in Oxfordshire and my tactics have been as simple as can be. A single grain of ESP Plastic Corn balanced on a Gripper Hook fished inside a Mini PVA Bag of Mixed Pellets has accounted for all of my fish so far. Eight in three trips to be precise. My biggest edge has been watching the water and any signs of fish showing, a PVA bag cast in the vicinity and at times bites have come within 10 minutes.

Kev with a Mirror Carp

The most important thing is getting bag in the right area and that little package of pellet with a balanced hookbait is the perfect presentation. Just a mouth full of pellets is more than enough to get a bite at the moment and it has served me well so far this spring.If you see a fish show this spring, get a PVA bag on it and get yourself a quick bite or two. 

Tight lines