May 20, 2017 1 min read

The last few weeks have been spent trying very hard to catch my final target fish from Gaunts on the Guys syndicate at Linear. Sadly it was to no avail but I managed some lovely fish including four of the so called big 5.
The last update from me saw me catch the lovely 'Sergeant' at 39.04 and I managed a number of fish since then into low thirties, although the lake had been fishing difficult at a usually productive time of year.
Finishing on Gaunts has meant I can do some social fishing whilst waiting for my new ticket to arrive for June. I had an enjoyable trip to Chad lakes with some good friends and all but one of us managed to catch some pretty, old carp. 
I've really settled on my baiting approach for this year. I'm using a mixture of sizes in my preferred pro marine boilie, but have been enlightened to the wonders of Hinders Salmon Fry Crumb! I began this year using it in solids but in a spod mix, I find that by using my usual boilies and Little Gemz pellets in 6mm, I can coat the entire mix with Hinders Fish Pro and Tuna Oil, I then add the Salmon Fry to the mix and it sticks to the tacky mixture providing some real attraction! 
As I say I'm looking forward to the new ticket starting but have some sessions planned on some day tickets before then so hopefully the above tactics will score me well!