May 19, 2017 1 min read

I went commercial carp fishing with my friend Lee, using inline flat method feeders loaded with micro and 4mm pellets dampened down. We used a mixture of Hinders Boosted Pellets for hook baits in sizes 6mm and 8.5mm on a short 4 inch hook link to a size 14 hook and bait band to attach to the pellets.

It was slow today with the carp being finicky early on, but they soon started to wake up in the margins and I managed a few small carp and some bream and ide. I took pictures of my best two carp which looked around the 7lb and 8lb mark.

Lee on the other hand ended up having quite the session, taking 4 double figure carp two of them weighing 11lb 01 oz, one was 10lb 05 oz and another was 10lb 08 oz. One of the doubles Lee caught was a stunning 11lb 1oz fully scaled mirror carp a cracking fish ,so it ended up being a good days fishing in the end.

Until next time tight lines

Roy and Lee