April 26, 2017 2 min read

Walking Ziggy round a local park lake I found some fish soaking up the last of the sun in one of the corners of this intimate little water. I saw a handful of fish that I fancied a crack at so planned a day session for the following weekend. In the process of moving my gear is all over the place so I grabbed a basic setup and some Nut 365 Boilies, Stick Mix & Glug as I intended on fishing small sticks and wafters allowing me to set traps in the margins.
I arrived early doors to the mist rolling off the lake and no one else present because if one or two people more turned up this would feel very crowded on such a small water. Deciding to just fish one rod where I had seen the fish the previous weekend I had everything ready to go from preparing at home, meaning I could just lower in the hookbait, sit back and wait… and I didn’t have to wait long. 20 minutes later the alarm melted off and a pristine 15lb Common was soon in the net.
As the morning passed it seemed like everyone else had the same idea and by 10am there were 5 other anglers trying their luck from feeder fishing, carp fishing and spinning. That concluded the mornings fishing for me. I decided to pop home with the idea of coming back later in the evening for the last few hours of light knowing most would have vacated. Dropping straight back in to the same swim from the morning I put one back in the corner and the second rod up the right margin which soon rattled off to probably the smallest Common I’ve ever caught but a stunner none the least.
With this fish seeming to spook all others out of the corner I quickly clipped on another stick and flicked it to a marginal bush that I had seen fish showing beneath throughout the evening. It didn’t quite drop as close as I would have liked it but knowing it was very close to the vicinity I decided to leave it and around 20 minutes before thinking about calling it a day it rattled off to an awesome 17lb+ gnarly old park lake mirror. It was well worth the return for those last few hours, I love it when a plan comes together.. My next mission is to come back and catch the two resident ghosties now!