July 10, 2017 1 min read

Kev Hewitt and Mark Bartlett earned a place in the 2017 BCAC final where they will aim to retain their trophy. This impressive brace of 35lb+ carp helped them to a top 3 finish in the semi final on B1 this weekend where they ended up with 25 fish for 510Lb. Kev and Mark used a number of tactics and baits with our Chinese Hemp and Nutz Sludge Instant playing a big part.


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Hinders Little Gemz 2.3mm Pellets
David Whitlock (Fareham)
Hinders little gemz

Excellent product ..fast delivery. Thankyou

Hinders Crushed Hemp
Ian Peel (London)
Hemp is best

The Hinders crushed hemp is the best available. Will draw in and keep fish in your swim.
Need to prep, however you soften in a thermos flask with water from a kettle.
It smells great , it smells like a winner.

Tutti Frutti galore

Had a fantastic day on the Tutti Frutti expander mix with a great day on the Crucians who took a liking to the mix presented on a method feeder.

Hinders Chinese Hemp
Barry McGhee (Witham)
Hemp bait

It split far better and quicker than any other hemp l,ve used pretty good product

Hinders Chinese Hemp
John Lazenby (Fleetwood)
Nature's gift.

Good quality seeds, easy site navigation, speedy delivery. Happy day's