Hinders Instant Nutz Sludge


No time - no problem.  Nutz Sludge just went INSTANT!

Completely brilliant for zig fishing, the fine texture of Instant Nutz Sludge can be prepared in minutes.  The nuts, seeds and creamy enhancers in our Original Nutz Sludge have been ground so finely that all you need to do is add particle juice or lake water for the ultimate instant sloppy spod mix.   It’s quick, easy and creates an instant cloud in the water before sinking slowly to leave an enticing food trail.  Fishing a zig over an area like this is hugely productive.

Top Tip – Why not add a little Supreme Cream Slime for a smooth, creamy edge then deliver your bait with a  Spomb Midi for pinpoint accuracy.

    Customer Reviews

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    Craig Galland (Accrington)

    Quick and fast delivery and good quality stuff

    Peter Hatcher (London)

    Great product

    michael culhane (London)

    Hinders Instant Nutz Sludge

    Michael Adderley (Dudley)
    Nut sludge

    I've added the nut sludge to my solid bag tactics along with other hinders ingredients .that have improved my catch rate on tricky strict venues

    Alan Whitaker (Bolton)
    Almost conned

    I now find putting the offer codes into the order form is an art, it’s as if Hinders are making it difficult so you pay full price? I hope Hinders respond to this negative feedback in a positive way if they wish to keep my business?

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for your feedback. I have emailed you directly to address your concerns and have advised on the updates that we have made to ensure that discount codes are easier to enter in the future.