November 10, 2018 2 min read

Last week I lived through a day I was really not looking forward to; my 30th birthday! I am a complete humbug with birthdays. I hate getting older and just want to stay a child with no responsibilities and go fishing all the time….what a thought hey?!!

Even so, the dreaded day gave me a perfect excuse to get all the lads together and go for a social at Linear’s B2. I was to arrive a little later, as I was due to be a guest at the Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie…sadly Eugenie hadn’t sent the invite, my employer had, so working till 1500 hours was a great start having got up at 0230!!!

I arrived at the lake to find four of the lads setting up with more due later. I slotted in to an area that wouldn’t have been my first choice, but B2 has a great head of fish and the social and catch up was the most important. Happy with spots and baits etc. we all had a great catch up the first evening and even the increasing wind speed couldn’t dampen a fine spirit within the group. Jae had a night to remember that night, much like Eugenie I’m sure, as he managed to land a new PB in the shape of a 40lb 8oz Mirror. The morale in the group was raised another bar and with the rest of us catching by morning we’d all had a 'carpy' cuddle or two. The bbq was lit and sheltered by the trees at the back of the swim, we drank and ate late into the afternoon. Some of the lads are from the West country and boy can they cook!! We also enjoy a cider on the bank too but I must stress all in proportion of course. You’re fishing at the end of the day and your safety around water and the fish’s when on the bank can’t be risked if you’ve had one too many!

Linear Fishery Carp for Josh and Friend

By the final day more fish had been banked, nearly 20 between us but the weather had deteriorated to a rather wet and miserable day. Very akin to our mood having realised we needed to pack up and head back to reality and work. Tactics wise we used a variety of baits from the Hinders brand. Hemp, particles, oils of all varieties were used, but one thing was consistent and that was the mix used to fill our solid bags. Little Gemz 50/50 was deployed by all of us and to great effect. The lake fished slow elsewhere and at times it was difficult to tempt a bite. It was testament to the level of effort from all of us that we managed to land what we did really. Ultimately it was great fun. We get together three, four times a year and two things are evidently consistent; our bait choice and our enjoyment.