November 09, 2018 2 min read

Carpvale Fisheries today for the rover on all 3 lakes, could get used to this working part time. Strong winds and heavy rain forecast so picked peg 49 on match lake which was a bit more sheltered than most pegs . Was a lot of carp moving in this area on Sunday, wind has completely changed direction since though, just hoped they hadn't moved with it. Not had the best of starts! First fish hooked at 8m has took me under my platform and trashed my rig, in disgust I've ended up accidentally breaking my top kit . After this blip I've had a good first hour putting about 25lb in the net, all coming from 1 line at 8m tapping in 6mm Hinders Pellets, with a 6mm Tutti Boosted Pellet on the hook .

Fed a couple of lines to the far bank rushes in 3 .5 feet from the start of the match, normally the best line on this lake, so expected it to be black first time I went on it. Had 2 quick carp then no more signs. Clearly the fish were happy down the middle of track in 4 feet, so rest of match concentrated on lines here. Been a case of catch 2 or 3 carp, then move a section further down the track and repeat the process. Ended up working my way 16m to my left, not had a fish to my right.

Last hour when it's been absolutely bouncing with rain I've fished down my left hand margin, where I could just about see my float. Had a good run of better carp here averaging 4lb before the end of the match. I've ended up winning the match with 103lb, with 78lb coming 2nd from front lake. Like Sunday light lines ( 0.12 power micron) and light strung out rigs have been key to getting bites, most coming on the drop or just as the rig settled. Really enjoyed the day in spite of the weather!