February 08, 2022 1 min read

Had another trip to Woodside Lakes today with Steve, despite the hacking wind and driving rain we put together a good catch of 28 plump Common, Mirror and Ghost Carp.We had planned to use a Bread and Bomb approach but with the extreme conditions and 23mph cross winds we reverted back to hybrid feeders loaded with C-Food Groundbaitand it also gave us the chance to put some of the excellent new mini match boosted barrels through their paces - the pineapple and betalin awesome and were the best on the day!
The first few hours saw strong winds and sporadic rain storms but the bites were steady and by midday we had hit double figures then we hit the lunchtime lull with only a pot noodle each and a single bite in two hours. But as we’ve seen here before come 2pm we witnessed the fish spark into life again as we fished until darkness descended managing to more than double our tally for the day - Steve and I caught well all day on the feeder but a revert back to the bread bomb dipped in Beta’nana Betalin added a few bonus fish late in the session when my swim went quiet.
Mark with a Woodside Carp