Mini Match Boosted Barrels


Mini Match Boosted Barrels are high attract boilie barrels perfect for a size 12 or 14 hook fished on the band.

  • 7/8mm
  • Available in Beta'nana, C-Food, Pineapple & Betalin, Strawberry & Betalin, Tuna, Tutti Frutti, White Plum, Sweetcorn & Betalin, & Sherbet & Betalin
  • 100g pot

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ian Hastings (Eastbourne)
Top bait

After a few years as a customer I have full confidence in Hinders bait, and I have yet to be proven wrong.The Boosted barrels are no exception.

Richard Stapley (Bournemouth)
Catching well on these!

I've got the strawberry and the tuna flavours. I've caught well on both,but think the tuna will get even more effective as the water warms up a bit.They don't split with a fine baiting needle and are tough enough for multiple fish, if not as indestructible as betanana wafters! Ideal for the method, and later in the season they could make a great change bait on the pellet waggler.

Christopher Wheeldon
Boosted barrels.

Caught plenty of carp to 8lb on the tutti frutti baits.

Mark Wells (Swindon)
Pukka-naple and Betalin

I used the pineapple and betalin boosted barrels for the first time at the weekend and despite the freezing conditions they proved their worth resulting in a number of Carp on the bank. They are a great consistency - not too soft so they split in a bait band but not so hard that you can't get a baiting needle through them when hair rigged - they smell awesome - pukka bait - highly recommended.