May 11, 2015 1 min read

I've just managed to fit in a night at the beautiful Bramble Mere and what a venue. The owner Steve has put an enormous amount of effort into the ground work, lake and swims! The out come, a piece of paradise and every anglers dream venue to fish.

Bryan with a Carp from Bramblemere

I fished a baited area consisting of mixed particles, and some Mainline Hybrid Boilies mixed in with a good helping of our own Betalin & Black in 12mm. My Hookbaits were none other than the Betalin & Black Popz in 15mm, which did the trick. Fishing into a gale force wind made getting the rods on the area slightly tricky but the effort was worth it. I managed three fish, two mid twenties and a new 30lb 12oz for the venue... absolutely made up! If you are looking for a new water click this link and book today!