Hinders Crushed Hemp


Hinders Crushed Hemp is an ideal base for your groundbait and the natural oils from the hemp will create instant attraction in your swim. A huge amount of the success of our famous A Mix Groundbait is thanks to crushed hemp.  

  • Available in 800g resealable pouch, 5kg and 10kg
  • No preparation necessary - use straight from the bag 

        Customer Reviews

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        Nigel Plumpton (Dereham)

        Hinders Crushed Hemp

        Michael Adderley (Dudley)
        Crushed hemp

        Adding this to my method & solid bag mix has greatly improved the added attraction and seems to keep fish grubbing around. My spots. More . Even added some to paste mix

        Dominic Russell (London)
        Incredible Quality

        Working in the tackle trade, I come across crushed hemp products daily. Nothing quite like the Hinders product. It is moist with oil, forming noticeable clumps in the bag, completely unlike the dry meal that you get from other brands. I have included a picture of a bag of the Hinders compared to another major brands (on the counter). You can tell, from the colour alone, that the Hinders product is absolutely packed with oil!

        Keith Clarke (Swansea)
        Hinders crushed hemp +

        Keith Swansea
        I bought the crushed hemp which I scalded with hot water and the oil and smell that came from it was second to none I mixed it with the crushed tigers and what can I say except it was a good day on the lake excellent products wont be buying anywhere else from now on also bought other particles top quality *****

        Ian Peel (London)
        Hemp is best

        The Hinders crushed hemp is the best available. Will draw in and keep fish in your swim.
        Need to prep, however you soften in a thermos flask with water from a kettle.
        It smells great , it smells like a winner.