My Trip to Walters Lake

May 09, 2013 1 min read

I decided to try out a new lake in South Cerney, Walters Lake, a small to medium sized lake with fish to 15lb. I took a waggler rod and a feeder rod as you're only allowed 1 rod. I started off with the waggler about 4ft down and put the Hinders Carp Pellets over the top. Within about 5 mins I was in! Unfortunately I lost it but I was soon into a small bream followed by a carp of 10lb. 

Soon the action on the waggler dried up and I put a feeder where the waggler was and soon another bream showed up. 
I got the rod back out and then was into a 13lb carp. The end result of the day was 16 fish and loosing 2.