I'm Back - Matt Missions

May 21, 2013 2 min read

I am back. After very few sessions so far due to school and exams, I finally got on the bank for a 24 hour session targeting carp. Friday, after my Spanish exam, I got home, got the gear out and set off to the lake.

 On the way there it was trying to rain, so upon rival I immediately set up the bivvy. Once everything was set up, I got both rods out, with a Flamin Squidz boilie tipped with a bit of fake corn on one and on the other two robin red pellets. I only had to wait 20 minutes before one of the rods roared off, which resulted in a small but powerful 6lb mirror. This was on the Flammin Squidz rod. Ages passed so I changed the rod to a Salamiz boilie, again tipped with fake corn.

The nightfall drifted in, I was so tired I began to fall asleep, but without any warning, the rod ripped off sending me flying out the bivvy. After a slow, prodding fight a 19lb 4oz mirror graced the net. I was chuffed. I left the rod out and just fished with one so I could get a couple of hours sleep because I was exhausted. Morning came without a bite, it was really slow for me. However, I re-baited both rods, and within half an hour I had another take. The carp fought more than the 19lber so I thought to myself "this may be bigger than the last", but it turned out to be a 16lb 14oz common.

Again very chuffed and I couldn't have asked for a better brace. Again I re-baited both rods, one with a flammin squidz boilie and the other with robin red pellets. The next two fish were only small commons of 1 or 2lb, but what was to come next... 

The line slowly peeled off the reel, the Delkim began to sing and when I netted the fish, I had a sneeky feeling it was new PB grass carp, and it was. 8lb 10oz, a real warrior which put up a great scrap. This was on the flammin squidz. Next, the other rod, same bait, another grass carp, but guess what... another new PB! 9lb 8oz, stunning fish, I was so happy! The next 4 hours passed with only one fish, a 3lb common on the robin red pellets. It was getting towards the end of the session when the Delkim lit up and another grassy graced my net, this time it was 7lb 12oz. So not another PB; however, this session was worth the wait, some cracking fish, two PB's and some quality time on the bank! 

I'm unsure of my next session due to exams, but I'll keep you posted!
Tight lines and wet nets!