August 05, 2013 2 min read

After a late start start to my fishing in 2013 I have been spending all of my time at Linear Fisheries on Hardwick and Smiths. The first few sessions didn't quite go to plan, with only a couple of fish to show for my efforts in 96 hours.

That wasn't going to stop me and I was sure I was due a good hit, I wasn't wrong. I was meeting good friend Liam Hodges on the complex once again, and after finding the fish we set up on Smiths pool. With all of the fish in front of us I baited the margin with 3 handfuls of Hinders Little Gemz and a handful of Hinders Supreme Cream Boilie chops. I fished with a solid pva pag with Little Gemz and crushed Supreme Cream, that was one spot sorted. the second spot was around 20 yards out on a clean bottom with a spread of around 30 Supreme Cream boilies with the hookbait being the same. It took a few hours but the margin rod screamed off and I was in. After a steady fight this fish was in the net and lookedgood. I wasn't wrong the fish weighed 27lb 8oz and my biggest this year.

The action continued slowly during the night and I had 3 more fish. With the next day being very hot I swapped the 20 yard spot for a single 6ft zig but nothing occurred. Eventually when it cooled down I had two more fish, one being 22lb 6oz I was over the moon. After an uneventful night and being very warm again I decided to fish with an 8ft zig to showing fish and slowly started to pack away, and within 5 minuites the zig rod was off. The 6th fish was landed and weighed in at 20lb 2oz. I was over the moon with how the seesion went, 6 fish and three of them 20's. I'm already looking forward to getting back there. I would like to say a big thank you to good friend and top angler Liam Hodges for all of is help over the last year.

Til next time 

Dan The Man