August 08, 2013 2 min read

I've recently fished a 48 hour session at Todber Manor. I set up in the middle of lake on advice of the bailiffs and the plan was to fish solid bags with Goo. We started at 5pm and the first bit of kit out the van were the rods and net along with cradle and retention sling. Then straight to getting the rods out. The rigs were made up of one and a half 10mm bait, Korda n-trap 25lb with the cating stipped off, a Fox Arma Point size 6 curved hook tied blowback style, small Korda sinker with a small amount of Korda dark matter putty around 15mm from hook eye. My bait was a 10mm CC Moore live system with Kiana Carp GOO Bait Smoke Pineapple and Almond flavours and Hinders Little Gemz

I used a total of 8kg of Little Gemz in 90 PVA bags hence why the Korda ones are on the list and one and a half of each flavours of the goo. I lost around 10 or more fish, I had two PBs a 16lb+ catfish with four in total and a 20lb 2oz ghostie common. The biggest fish banked was a 21lb 11oz mirror and the average size of fish were all doubles. A few bream and crucian carp made an appearance too. All together this was my most prolific session i've ever had all thanks to the above especially the Little Gemz as my mate who was doubled up with me only managed 10 fish in comparison. We even took my rod set up as above and cast to his spot and I took his and put on my spot, nothing happened for me but my rod produced his first catfish of 11lb so the method and bait were a massive hit!!