August 10, 2013 3 min read

I started fishing the Thames because of the over crowding on carp lakes. I really wanted to do my own thing and not have to worry about other anglers or have to plan my fishing trips around busy times on the lake. I started my campaign the same way I would on a lake by walking and spotting but soon learned that the Thames is very big and the carp are even harder to find. After a night spent searching the Internet for river carping and more importantly locations of catches ie: margins,boat yards, weirs ect . Packed with all this new information I set off to similar locations on my local stretch. I started pre baiting 4 spots with Hinders Nutz boilies a kilo on each and I repeated this for 5 nights. I would turn up around dusk and watch for fish then when I was leaving I would bait up, if I saw any topping bream I would come the next day with my zodiac and my aqua scope and would go over the spot looking into the water. On my 3rd week of doing this I was on my zodiac watching bream feed when I noticed 3 dark shadows swim in and start munching on the boilie it was carp and they were eating well, so I decided to go get the fishing gear .

I had planned to do 3 sessions but I would only fish from 18:00 - 10:00 because during the day there were lots of boats and rowers. So that evening I was ready, bivvy up, rods ready and kettle on. I want everything pinned down tight to avoid anything picking up my line and dragging down stream so I was using ESP lead core (1.5m), I attached a Korda 3 ounce gripper lead and a 10 inch kd rig using Korda supernatural and a Korda Kaptor size hook . I was going to fish 2 rods 1 on the spot and the other about 1 meter to the side . I cast my rod and felt the lead down keeping the line tight and high to stop the water flow pulling of line, I attached a 1.5 ounce back lead and set my rod. I repeated this for my other rod and sat back full of excitement. After a very quiet evening all I had to so was 1 bleep so I decided it was time for bed . Around 03:00 I was awoken by my alarm screaming at me , quick as a flash I was up and pulling into a fish that was doing its best to leave the county. After 10 minutes of the play the fish was under my feet and I was putting the net under it. I lifted the net feeling the weight and got really excited and placed it on my un-hooking mat. I got my scales and it came in at 23lb 5oz mirror and what a stunner it was. I had no more that night and in the morning I baited up and went home. That evening I was back and took a beautiful 17lb common and on the 3rd night I took a hard fighting 21lb 12oz mirror. I am planning another trip soon so fingers crossed and tight lines.