October 04, 2018 1 min read

I got out this afternoon and after checking out my first stretch and finding 7 cars there I decided to move on. I spent an hour walking on my next chosen stretch and managed to find a few barbel albeit very spooky in the bright conditions and crystal clear water. I decided not to offer any freebies until I had a rig in position 5 yards above where the fish were laying.
Rig in place, I scattered a few Elips Pellets and within minutes the fish were on the move staying under the weed and only inching their snout out enough on the clear gravel to suck in a pellet or 2...... 20 minutes later the pin began to sing and an October chunk of 12lb 2oz lay in the net. That'll do me as my trips this month will be very limited and visual fishing on my beloved Hants Avon draws to a close very soon.