October 02, 2018 1 min read

Been to Carpvale today for the open on match lake and half of front lake. Fancied top end of match in the wider pegs after the cold nights we've had. As normally drawn bottom end, this time peg 51 rather than my usual haunt peg 49. Had a good start on short pole tapping in 3 or 4 6mm Hinders Carp Pellets at a time in 3 feet of water. Probably had 30lb of carp in first hour and a half before bites faded. Fished 2 lines up to the far bank in 2.5 feet tight up to the rushes, had 4 quick carp before I couldn't get any more indications. 

Rest of match I've just concentrated on fishing lines in 3 feet of water at 6m and 10m. Been very similar to winter f1 fishing, tapping in minimal amount of pellets, catch a couple of carp then repeat the process in a different area of the peg. Definitely tell winter is on the way, light lines and light floats needed to get bites now the colour is starting to drop out of the water.Been a very close match with several 80lb+ weights, I've come 2nd with 94lb and the winner had 97lb. Really enjoyable day