August 15, 2017 1 min read

Our latest video filmed at Flaxlands shows how to catch more using Pellet Feeder tactics including our Boosted Pellets and Just the Ticket Groundbait 

                                         *** My New Commercial Edge ***

I've been fishing at Flaxlands for a fair few years now and despite having some great bags of fish I still felt I was missing out on some more carp. After much trial and error I made and perfected a few changes and haven't looked back, for a simple way of fishing you would have thought more anglers would have fished this style. Fish tight, feed tight, little and often is key, this approach has accounted for several bags of 100 plus carp in a day and is extremely effective whilst those carp are still actively hunting for food. A few more anglers are now starting to round to to this, so my advice get on it quick!