June 19, 2017 2 min read

Recently I've been using the pellet feeder to great success in a slightly unorthodox way. As the name would suggest the pellet feeder is designed for mainly fishing small pellets and in generally deeper water. This particular design helps retain bait whilst falling through the deeper layers. The reason why I love this feeder is for the same reasons, it holds and protects your feed to ensure you offer a perfect presentation when it counts, its unique shape only allows fish to feed from the one side and it conceals your rig completely leaving just your hookbait for the taking. 
Just the Ticket Groundbait 
Now not every venue is the same but at Flaxland's the island banks are undercut offering a free run for the carp of covered tunnels and island holes which are naked to the human eye. I fish extremely tight to these casting through the grass covered holes wherever possible. Why the unorthodox method you may ask... I use Just The Ticket Groundbait to provide an extremely attractive cloud whilst providing little food and as mentioned fishing that close it's extremely shallow.
Steve in Action at Flaxlands
Another plus would be by concealing your feed and rig when you are fishing venues with larger numbers of roach and other small nuisance fish you keep a better presentation for longer periods of time which hopefully turns into bites from your desired species... in my case the carp! 
Hinders Boosted Pellets
Another top tip would be to feed continuously over the top of your feeder, only 3/4 pellets at a time but with hungry carp this certainly got me a lot more takes, see the video below so you can see first hand exactly what happens. 
To test my theory I recently took two mates out on separate trips to get some outside feedback, both lads are extremely capable anglers with a great insight into match fishing on a competitive level. Both Chris and Kev were extremely surprised on how the carp reacted to the pellet feeder set-up with groundbait and a boosted pellet hookbait and as Chris said the more we fed the more that tip went round!! 
Chris Rust Flaxlands Carp
A truly awesome feeder and a extremely productive style of fishing especially when fishing tight to islands..fish tight, feed tight! 
Steve with a Cracking Flaxlands Carp
Tackle & bait used
Drennan pellet feeder
Drennan Method rigs
Just the ticket groundbait 
White Plum Boosted Hookbait (hookbait)