June 09, 2017 1 min read

My recent catches have involved the awesome Elips Pellets being added to the mix. Being very oily and unique in smell and colour, the Elips have been a great addition and a productive one at that. I have also combined both Elips and Tuna Oil to make a very oily, marine flavoured baiting approach. Recently I have visited Oxlease lake on the Linear complex for two sessions, my latest being the most productive with 20 fish in 24 hours fishing. With fish up to 29lb 3oz I haven't managed to snare any monsters yet but I have one more 24 hour session next week before heading to my new syndicate venue in mid June. 


With confidence at an all time high in my baiting strategy I am confident that I as long as location is correct, I should be able to get into the fish quickly on the new venue. I have kept everything else the same in regards to rigs etc, but have also added some crushed slips to my solid bag mixes. Its a much richer colour than the Little Gems 50/50 but by adding them together along with some Salmon Fry its made a fantastic summer solid mix.