October 04, 2016 2 min read

Salmon Pellet

The small sized salmon pellets have been an integral part of my fishing since I began using them in the summer. Full of protein and oils, their attraction and continual leakage into the water column has helped me put more fish on the ban kover the last few months. I use the pellets in a variety of ways, but usually within a pod mixture or a small amount within a mesh PVA bag. They are also very practical to catapult at shorter distances and group together for a nice spread of free offerings. I would imagine that these rich pellets would quite happily transfer into tench or bream fishing and be just as attractive to those species as it is to the carp I target. I have found certain pellets in the past to differ with breakdown times; certain products becoming powder within an hour or so once immersed under water. Although I have found breakdown times are particularly good with this pellet, by covering the pellets with a liquid, you promote the longevity of the pellets breaking down even further. I have found the pellets go particularly well with a Tuna Oil or Fish Pro

Tuna Oil Review

The Tuna Oil was pointed out to me by Steve in the shop one day and has really helped me during the warmer months. Being so potent, the oil has allowed me to draw fish down in the layers, centralising them to my baited area. Whether adding it to a spod mix or coating boilies or bags, the oil is versatile and very attractive. I have also coated floating pellets with the oil, perfectly suited for summer days. I have found the oil is quite thin and can penetrate baits very quickly. By adding a small amount to a bag of boilies and allowing them to soak for 30 minutes or so, the boilies ingest the liquid to provide a long leaking attraction once applied to the lake. Overall a great liquid to rival the familiar Salmon and Hemp Oils.

Fish Pro review

Fish Pro is a very thick, rich, salty liquid that has produced bites for me all year round. Its thickness helps really stodge mixes up and its consistency reminds me a little of CSL or molasses liquids or similar. Again, its uses are endless however, being so heavy and gloopy it sits on the lake bed creating masses of attraction with no hard feed value to your area. This is a certain winner I’m sure, across all disciplines of the sport and it has certainly accounted for a number of fish when combined with an oil such as Tuna Oil, Salmon Oil or Nodd Oil.