March 04, 2021 2 min read

Age - 29 
Occupation - self-employed plasterer & builder 
Hometown - Aldershot 
UK PB - 44.13 common, 39.06 mirror
Favourite venue - It’s difficult to choose a favourite lake but I enjoy fishing anywhere that’s quiet, wild with a bit of atmosphere and most importantly it has to hold some lovely looking carp. 
Key points in my angling - fish location, quality bait that they want to eat, sharp hooks and confidence in my approach!
Ryan Boyda Carp
I have been a keen carp angler for a fair few years now and have been fortunate enough to have fished some fantastic waters, from small intimate tricky lakes to large low stocked pits including some of the country's largest day ticket waters where I competed in the BYCAC. 
Ryan Boyda Carp
Fishing a variety of these different waters really taught me the importance of being versatile in my angling approach to keep the bites coming!  I've never been one to fish for a carp purely for its size. It really has to be something special that motivates me, whether it being a scaly mirror or something with a bit of history behind it!
I’m a big believer that effort equals reward and being different will produce you a few extra carp along the way. I tend to focus my attention on one lake/target fish at a time so I can solely concentrate my efforts on the one or two gems I have in sight without any distractions. 
Ryan Boyda Carp
I have always had an interest in bait/ingredients, I take great pride in rolling my own custom hookbaits to the highest quality I can. With Hinders superb range and bait quality I’ll never have to worry about my bait again! I feel fortunate to be part of the team and look forward to the journey ahead with Hinders baits and some of the anglers who I know so well.