March 09, 2021 2 min read

First of all, it’s a pleasure to be joining the team at Hinders Bait. I have used bits from the range for years including Blitz and the legendary Betalin - which has saved a blank on many occasions when bites are hard to come by. I’ve heard about some baits being developed at the moment which I cannot wait to help trial and put into my fishing especially as Hinders have always produced great products. !

Chris Boyda

Age 33 

Years carp fishing - 25 years 

Uk P.B - Mirror 47.09 Common 41.06 

Favourite venue – I literally enjoy my fishing on pretty much any venue from small pressured intimate venues or wild big pits. I’ve fished a range of different lakes and have good memories in their own unique ways. 

Approach – I’m very active and enjoy watching fish at close quarters as you get a feel for their habits and behaviour which can accelerate results. I’m more than happy to adapt my approach to suit different situations. I mainly fish short sessions which means time is not on my side to wait around for things to happen. Dropping in before work at first light is typical for me to note any carpy activity for future sessions. 

Bait – I’ve mixed up loads of different concoctions for spombing into the lake over the years. Particles, nuts, boilies, pellets, groundbaits and naturals all have their place depending on venues and time of year. Generally, I use boilies or tigers unless it’s a pressured venue where a little thought outside the box can be a game changer.  

Great moment – At Lucy’s bowl charity match catching a big old Wraysbury carp right at the end with a bunch of mates there to enjoy the moment with.