July 12, 2017 1 min read

I’d never done the singles carp match scene before, having always competed in the pairs matches, but this year I fancied a go and chose Acorn Fishery just outside Clevedon near Bristol. The lake itself is lovely, holding lots of carp and the owners have done all they can to promote the venue and its inhabitants.
I’ve managed two nights down there practicing and this weekend competed in the qualifier. I managed a good draw and chose my first choice swim, so confidence was high. The pressure was on however, and I busily prepared my tactics. Solid bags were the order of the day, consisting of Hinders Ground Elips, Little Gemz 50/50 and Salmon Fry Crumb. These were laced in Fish Pro and both Elips and Tuna Oils. I used small 10mm pink fruits pop ups from tails up within the bags and gently trickle in 12mm pro marine and Medium Elips Pelletsover the spots. This immediately did me bites, but not resting on my laurels I baited other areas for the nights and as a back-up plan, should one area go quiet.
The lake was very kind to me and produced 11 fish in my 40 hour match, including a 20lb fish in common, mirror and ghost carp variety. Now it’s on to the final where hopefully this run continues. I’m sure with a good draw I should be ok. I’ll let you know
All the best