July 14, 2017 1 min read

After booking the week off for my birthday I thought what better way to end it than a couple of nights fishing. Arriving Thursday evening to an extremely busy lake wasn’t exactly how I planned to start the trip. With literally 3 swims to choose from I eventually got round to making my decision and set about getting ready for the night.
The first night passed quietly until 6am when I received a double take to make a 35lb+ brace, not a bad start! Other than a couple of tench to finish off the morning and with the temperature climbing the activity quickly dried up. With no success using floaters throughout the day the evening came around and I went into the second night confident of some more action.
Just before midnight I received another take, this time in the shape of a low double common. My next bit of action came just before 7am being another slightly smaller mirror which rounded off the action for this trip giving me 4 carp to just over 20lb and 2 tench just for good measure. All fish came to hook baits of 14mm Nut 365 boilies or the Almond Tiger Nuts fished over a bed of Hemp, Chopped Tigers, 10mm, 14mm and chopped Nut 365 Boilies with a good soaking of Hemp Oil and the 365 glug.