July 16, 2017 2 min read

Another brilliant session at Moulden Hill, only this time i fished a little different. As most people know at the lake most of my success has been on the feeder at range, so this time i decided to fish the Waggler as well as the feeder. I was also joined on the day by my 9 year old daughter Tegan, who would be fishing the feeder while I concentrated on the waggler. I decided to fish at around 25 yards and ball in the same mix as I use on the feeder and fish a banded pellet on the hook.
After about an hour my swim began to bubble and knew the fish were there it was just a matter of time before the float would disappear and sure enough it did. I slowly lifted into the fish, the rod hooped over and after a short fight the fish was in the net, a nice Tench around 5lb. This action continued for most of the day with my 2 best fish being an 8lb 8oz Tench and a Bream of 8lb 4oz. Not a bad result, it just shows being different really pays off. And as I mentioned earlier, I was joined by my daughter who fished the feeder with great skill and effect landing some great fish with a help from me to land them as landing the fish can be a little awkward in certain swims at Moulden. Tegan ended the day with 25 fish and her biggest being her personal best Tench of 8lb 4oz. What a great days fishing and more so as it was with my daughter, who I may have to keep my eye on now as she enjoyed it so much, she cant wait to go again and beat me!!