May 24, 2018 2 min read

I recently spent my last two sessions being tutored by Steve. The first session wasn’t a full day 1 on 1 as he was working his day job, however, he did manage to spend time with me during his breaks to help me with my general technique, focusing specifically on my casting style and accuracy. From the moment he advised me what to do, demonstrating correct technique and talking me through the steps, my improvement was 100 fold from where I started. I continued to practice through that session, with Steve coming over to give me pointers and support when he was able. That session ended up with 16 carp landed, already an improvement on my season average. The next and latest session was a true 1 on 1 session for the full day. We started the day with a plan of fishing and feeding tight to an island, with Steve further helping me improve my casting technique, and also explaining the behaviour of the fish, when to feed and how to feed tight. The day started off promising with not only 7 carp landed by 11 o’clock but my casting accuracy and style visibly improving. However, after that initial flurry the lake quietened down for all anglers, and even with Steve’s vast experience and mentoring, we could not get the fish to turn on. We only had a further 3 fish up to 3pm, but did not get disheartened and we used that time to further practice my technique.

We decided to move to another lake around 3pm and change to fishing the Pellet Waggler. Well what can I say, straight away Steve got me on the carp, and between 2 different swims, Steve had me feed, cast and land 29 fish in under 3 hours. Not only smashing my highest catch count, but also caught my PB for that fishery. So what can I say about Steve’s tuition approach? It is amazing the knowledge and experience he has, and the way that he really helps the angler easily understand where they can improve and almost makes it effortless is amazing. The days flew by, with the light hearted ‘mickie’ taking helping to lighten the lessons but also helping to drive improvements in what I was doing. I have never met someone as easy to get on with, sharing so much knowledge and who really wants to help people get better at their passion. I would 1000% recommend Steve to anyone who is looking to improve their fishing. Many thanks to Steve and can’t wait for the next session to try everything I have learnt.

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