January 15, 2018 2 min read

I had planned a quick day social out with good friend Sam 'bubs' Parfitt to Todber Manor fisheries in Dorset. I knew being a quick day session in the winter would not leave us much time so we decided to make the most of it and get there for opening times at the shop where you purchase your ticket. 
We decided to fish Big Hayes as I noticed that it's done a few big fish recently, including a few new 30's, which seemed promising. 
We arrived at the lake and it looked Bleak to be honest. A north wind was due and temperatures right down near freezing I knew it was going to be hard! With some discussion in the car we knew we needed to find some fish to be in with a chance of a bite. We spent about an hour and a half walking around the lake looking for signs of carp. Bubs had his deeper with him so we took advantage of that by casting it about. Unfortunately not one fish showed on it. I was convinced it was broken but he was having none of it! 
I suggested we setup where we think the carp would be and just watch the water for signs of fish. It wasn't until about 12:30 that a carp finally showed itself. I quickly reeled in my left hand rod and put it bang in the middle of the ripple the carp had made.  A mere 20 minutes passed and my alarm went into meltdown which resulted in a 16lb 5oz mirror. Before he was hoisted up for a photo I unhooked him in the net and put the rod back on the spot along with another two rods. Bubs chucked his deeper past the area I had caught and it showed loads of fish. It all kicked off from there. Another bite came quickly for me which was a 24lb 2oz Mirror.
We then put some Tutti Boilies out in the aim to keep the fish there. From then on it was carnage. Bubs had a rod in the area also so with plenty of 10 and 15mm tutti boilies going out after every fish the bites came consistently.  Both of us were using the new 12mm Cherry Bon Bon Pop Ups, which have been coating in a new fruitz liquid thats soon to be released, fished on a Ronnie rig. The tutti boilies had been soaking for 3 days in the supreme cream liquid, giving them an extra edge.
The fish definitely loved them! As light fell we started to pack up.  The session ended on 12 carp, 7 of which were 20+. A great day with a great bloke to top it off.