January 13, 2018 2 min read

Cheese Paste Bags Winter Chub

Having received my  Hinders Cheese Baits  a week ago I've been keen to put them to the test so a short afternoon session was planned on my local Hampshire Avon. As you all know Cheese Paste is a well renowned Winter Bait for Chub Fishing and I wanted to see if this new Cheese Range would get me a few bites. I got to the river about 12.30 pm and and found far from ideal conditions with a cold clear river in front of me. I chose a swim with a big slack bay and a history of producing big chub in the past including a 7lb 3oz for me a couple of seasons ago.

Big Cheese Paste

I fished a single Mini Cheese Dumbell on a hair wrapped in matchingCheese Paste to a size 10 hook. It was packing up time at 4.15 pm as I had to get away when the tip flew round and I hooked a real chunky chub. It stayed deep and plodded in the flow and was a good 5 minutes before it surfaced in front of the rim of the net. She was mine and just as the head came over the net the hook pulled out. The lunge with the net was not good enough and a very large chub sunk back to the depths and left me in despair that only another angler would appreciate.

Cheese Bait for Winter Chub and Barbel

A few days later I sought revenge in better conditions with the water temperature up a little to 43F and a nice colour after a little recent rain. I chose to fish an area a little upstream and again my session would be about 4 hours in the afternoon just into dusk. I fished the same method introducing a few broken Cheese Dumbells through a pva bag. The session went to plan with 6 bites and 5 fish being landed with a pair of 4's and 3 fives to 5lb 11oz best.

Not monster's by any standards but a great way to get off the mark with a Cheese bait that I'm sure will be responsible for catching some serious fish.

Tight lines all