October 31, 2016 2 min read

Having had a fantastic time zigging at Clattercote last week I was eager to get back out and give it another go. So this weekend I decided to head back out there, however this time it would be all about catching a zig caught carp for the first time... regular customers Scottie and Alby had never caught a carp on a zig or even given this style or fishing a real go, so this was the perfect time to learn. 

We headed off early and managed to position ourselves just left of centre dam wall, this always seems to be a good starting point especially with the weather on the turn. A fair few carp start grouping up in the deeper water and this area just seems to hold large numbers of carp there for a good part of the winter. Although it took a while for the lads to set-up and start fishing I had already started putting in some Sludge out at 15 wraps - and just as soon as the rod went out within the first ten minutes fishing at 12ft Scott was first into action, after a good fight he slipped the net under his first ziggy carp, and that was one happy Scottie. One down just Alby to go.. Scott went on to have a fair few fish before Alby's rod went off,  but this was all still within the first hour. 

Alby also managed to land his first take which was a fantastic start for the lads,  - The action was steady all day and by the end of it managed around 40 takes landing most. The round up complete manic days sport with hopefully plenty learnt, by the end of the day both lads were not only fishing well but had put all I had to pass on to great use and I have every faith we will be seeing a lot of zig caught carp over the winter months. 

Tactics - Mixed length Zigs chopping and changing depths when bites slowed, starting at 6ft in the morning and 12/15ft in the afternoon. 

Bait Used - Hinders Nutz Sludge - Supreme Cream Liquid for that ultimate cloud & foam soaked in Betalin for hookbaits