Hinders Betalin & Plum

Hinders Betalin® & Plum 50ml. Our Betalin needs no introduction and we are excited to announce the release of our new Plum flavoured Betalin to add to the growing range. Betalin has led the way as the ultimate hookbait dip and particle additive over the past 15 years and we believe the new Betalin and Plum combination to be one of our finest creations yet.
Early results have been astounding and this must have product is set to be a winner. Give your bait a boost with this intensely sweet smooth fruity flavour and carp simply will not be able to resist. 
  • Available in 50ml, 125ml or 2 x 125ml
  • 125ml has a large neck bottle, perfect for dipping your hookbait!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Richie Martin (Southampton)
Absolute Confidence

Good Angling is all about being able to make the most of the moments you have! and when the opportunity is right having a bait that you absolute confidence in makes all the difference. I will not go anywhere without Betalin with plum, its really is the best of the best

Andrew Smith (Tadley)
Betalin and plum

Quality service, fast delivery.Lovely smelling liquid carp cant resist 👌

Richard Lines (Bournemouth)
Fishing bait for carp

Thanks for a very good service and bait in a very good condition I will be coming back for other orders thanks again

John Lazenby (Waterlooville)
Sweet as

Betalin & Plum Hmmmmmm

Harold Whittle
Grind bait

Used the dip / spay not impressed with the spray
Dispenser not atomising properly?
Ground bait a good quality cheers