Hinders Betalin


Betalin's® rush of natural concentrated sweetness will catch you shed loads of fish...

It’s amazing when you look back how long we have been selling Betalin; we approached Keith for something special, initially to be added to particles, but as time went on so did the diverse range of applications grow, to the point where we can’t think of an angling situation where Betalin can’t be included!

We thought you might like a few of the tips and applications of Betalin in its various guises.

Make the fake baits come alive.

Before going any further its massively important to realise that it’s every anglers responsibility to fish any fake bait on a safe rig, these baits will fish for ever (being plastic based) should you crack off. If in doubt don’t use them! Keith is currently working on bio-degradable fakes, so let’s hope in the future fake baits will break down as effectively as other natural type baits.

There can be no question that fake baits, boilies, corn maggots etc benefit from being soaked in Betalin, and the longer the better. Pure Betalin is a classic as it can be fished over any background feed, soluble it gets into the surrounding water column extremely quickly, whatever the weather. Come colder water temperatures look at Tutti or XO Carp (please note the XO Carp is not a Betalin flavour so we recommend you add this to the Betalin Original), as the esters in them are very appealing in such conditions. If you want though you can spray the hookers prior to casting, or every cast for that matter, meaning you can change flavours accordingly.

One little tip particularly where there are nuisance crayfish present is to use the ESP range of fakes. They have a small hair stop recess on the end or side, this makes it much harder for the cray to get the bait off, and don’t think they won’t try! It also fools the tuffties and coots in the winter! Also try making a longer hair and carrot rig the fake corn on, a bigger mouthful, colorful attraction, and a gob full of clutter making rejection harder, oh and yes, its different! Soaking fake tiger nuts is also a good edge where tigers are banned, fishing them over hemp and tares. Use a small yellow tip on the tiger just to give it a little edge. Alternatively, if you want to balance off real tigers then also soak the cork pieces in Betalin, we suggest soaking in with our prepared Betalin Tiger Nut hookbaits.

The magalinger rig and method is deadly, but it can be made even deadlier by soaking the fake maggots in one of the Betalin range and then over spraying the live germs (maggots) with the same flavour combo. It really does kick off in the winter when this approach becomes so successful. Beta Nana has also really proven its worth in this situation.

Don’t forget zig fishing either, soaking, over spraying foam hookers is really deadly using the Betalin range. Soak foams and then cut accordingly to get the hookbait sitting correctly. Imitation bugs and the like are best over sprayed prior to casting out, do this habitually to reap the rewards.

  • Intensely sweet - no bitter aftertaste
  • Transforms any hookbait
  • Works wonders with maggots, worms, plastic, pellets and particles
  • Can’t be overloaded 
  • Beware of cheap imitations!!
  • TOP TIP Use 3- 5ml per kilo for particles and 1-2ml per six eggs for boilie mixes.
  • 125ml has a large neck bottle, perfect for dipping your hookbait!

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Mandy Bailey (Stourbridge)
nuts in betalin

Bought for son , he had best session ever - topped by two thirties . Excellent bait and service ,could not recommend enough

Petrr Cook (Worthing)

First bottle leaked and second bottle not arrived!

Lorraine Gibson (Dartford)

Hinders Betalin

Mark Dean (London)

Simply the nuts

Keith Adans (Chatham)
Great product and service

A product I have used for over 20 years from when it was called Talin. It has enabled me to catch some lovely fish from waters in the Uk and France. Hinders service has always been spot on as well.